Institute for Biblical Holiness

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Towards deeper intimacy with God

Delivering accredited courses, books, bible studies and devotionals to assist your growth towards deeper intimacy with God, cultivate a hunger and thirst for righteousness and growth towards spiritual maturity.

Our courses are specially and specifically designed to equip you with the understanding and capacity to pursue true holiness as stated in God’s Word and modelled by the early Fathers of the church. A distinctive aspect of our courses lies in the emphasis on fostering spiritual transformation and inner growth in students, cultivating a deeper love for God and others.
At the Institute for Biblical Holiness, our approach transcends mere theological learning, favouring practical application that allows for a more authentic self-awareness and revives their relationship with Christ. Consequently, our students become spiritually wholesome individuals, equipped to support and guide others to increased spiritual maturity and Christlikeness.
Everyone. Everyone who is thirsty for the truth of God’s Word and the transformational experience of Biblical holiness can apply.
Our courses are designed for individuals, young ministers and the established ones. You do not need any degree or qualification to apply for our courses.
The courses are administered online, except you want to register for the retreats and special meetings.
Applicants will need to have attained the age of fifteen to participate in our courses. They will also need to be able to meet the emotional intelligence, financial requirements and time commitments of the course they apply for. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.