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Course Overview

The Diploma in Desert Spirituality is a comprehensive program designed to immerse students in the rich tradition of desert spirituality and its transformative effects on the human soul. This course delves into the lives of key spiritual figures, explores theological concepts, and provides practical guidance for personal spiritual growth.

Through a series of modules, students will gain a deep understanding of desert spirituality, from its origins and history to its impact on contemporary religious practices. Key topics covered include asceticism, mysticism, moral theology, and the lives of influential desert saints, such as St. Isaac the Syrian.


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Introduction Desert Spirituality
Introduction Desert Spirituality
Desert Spirituality as a Journey towards Deification
Through The Life of St Isaac the Syrian
Through The Life of St Isaac the Syrian
Prayer and Scripture for Growth
Spiritual Formation Project
Reflective Journal

Spiritual formation

Additionally, the course offers a focus on spiritual formation through prayer, scripture study, and personal spiritual projects.

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained substantial knowledge in desert spirituality principles and practices that can be applied to their own spiritual journey. This program is ideal for those seeking a deeper connection with their faith and a transformative experience that fosters inner growth and divine union.

lenght of study

1 year

Start Dates

February 2024/September 2024

Principal Lecturer

Rev. Ruth Conlon



entry requirements

Diploma in Biblical Holiness